Wordpress Carpoolingscript Version 1.2 (PHP - Wordpress )

Release: 27 days ago
5 months ago

Carpooling Script built on WordPress


If carpooling business owners are looking at having an online presence, then, WordPress Carpooling Script is the quickest and easiest way to go and build a Carpooling website for your business. The Script comes with all the standard features that a Carpooling website ought to have. This is the smartest choice for any Carpooling business to move a step ahead and show off your business on the ‘’World Wide Web’’.

The Script comes in very useful for Developers as well, who are looking at finding a quick solution to develop a Carpooling website for their Clients. The purchase of the Script comes with complete source code and Developers can customize the Script based on the features their Clients demand. This will save your time on development and it is cost effective as well.

Features List

Facebook registration and login provided for users to login through their Facebook account.

Gmail registration and login provided for users to login through their Google account.

Google lists the places based on the user’s search to autocomplete the search keyword.

Integration with Google maps for showing trip destinations and pick up points on Google maps.

User Login and Registration.

Easy posting of trips.

Easy posting of vehicles.

Users can send enquiry to other Users.

View trips and trip detail page.

We highly recommend you watch the demo before you purchase the Script. We are not dealing with providing customization services and technical support for WordPress Carpooling Script. For now, we have freezed bringing up grades to the Script. However, the Script guarantees the basic standard features of a Carpooling website.

Why WordPress Carpooling Script?

Developing a new Carpooling website from the scratch, will cost you very high. Our WordPress Carpooling Script is cost effective and time saving.

By using our Carpooling Script, you can develop a Carpooling website without any hassles of hiring developers, if you have prior experience in WordPress coding. Since most of the features are readily available, all you need to do is, just to customize according your requirements.

Above all, our Carpooling Script is User friendly and easy to customize. You may not require developers with technical expertise to build your website.

If you are a developer yourself, looking for a ready to customize solution for a quick Carpooling website development, then, this is the right solution.

It is as easy as, Purchase -> Customize -> A ready to use website.