Carpoolingscript Version 4.1 (PHP - Codeigniter)

Release: 2 years ago
Updated: 11 months ago

Carpooling Script built on PHP with Codeigniter Framework

If carpooling business owners are looking at having an online presence, then, Carpooling Script is the quickest and easiest way to go and build a Carpooling website for your business. The Script comes with all the standard features that a Carpooling website ought to have. This is the smartest choice for any Carpooling business to move a step ahead and show off your business on the ‘’World Wide Web’’.

Features List

  • Facebook registration and login provided for users to login through their Facebook account.

  • Gmail registration and login provided for users to login through their Google account.

  • Google lists the places based on the user’s search to autocomplete the search keyword.

  • Integration with Google maps for showing trip destinations and pick up points on Google maps.

  • Radius based search option and listing of trip and the car within the set radius, throughout the trip.

  • Availability of certain pick up points in between the start and the end points as specified by the trip owner.

  • Users can search trips of their choice by providing keywords.

  • Payment Gateway option provided for the passengers to pay online for the trip (PayPal Payment gateway.)

  • Admin can add multi language for users to view site content in their preferred language.

  • The trips can be shared in social media using the social media buttons/options.

  • Email notifications are sent instantly when a trip is booked or when there is an enquiry for the trip and register, forget password.

  • The car owner can add comfort levels of the cars like, Air conditioned, enough leg space, etc.

  • The car owner can mention the size of the luggage the car can allow, like small, medium and large.

  • The users have the option to change password, reset password of their login account anytime.

  • Users can use several filter options to find the most appropriate trip from the search list.

  • Passengers can rate a car owner with whom they have done a trip.

  • Passengers can rate a trip.

  • The users can enquire about a trip and also book a trip.

  • Trips can be gender specific and will be displayed for users of that gender only. For example, Ladies only trip.

  • The trip’s final price can be mentioned, saying no hidden charges.

  • An ‘Ask Question’ option for every trip through which a user can ask a question about the trip.

  • Users can provide testimonials for your carpooling website.


  • Site Admin can create static pages and add content to it. For example, an ‘About Us’ page.

  • The site admin can send regular updates to the users, who have subscribed for newsletters.

  • An option for placing advertisements and, when clicked on the image, the user will be led to the destination website.

  • The Script is built with MVC (Multi View Controller) Code Igniter Framework for maintaining quality.

  • SEO friendly URLs for the site to come on top of a Google search.

Why Carpooling Script?

Developing a new Carpooling website from the scratch, will cost you very high. Our Carpooling Script is cost effective and time saving.

By using our Carpooling Script, you can develop a Carpooling website without any hassles of hiring developers. Since most of the features are readily available, all you need to do is, just to customize according your requirements.

Above all, our Carpooling Script is User friendly and easy to customize. You may not require developers with technical expertise to build your website.


We understand that you would definitely want to have a glimpse of what you are going to purchase. We do agree that you should not shell down your money on something that may not completely suit your business tomorrow.

Have a look at a demo that takes you on a quick journey in to all the web pages. Find the demo in the following link.


If you think you require our help for installation and configuration of the Script after purchase;

If you want us to customize the script for you to suit your business needs;

If you are looking for a complete and ready to use Carpooling website; then,

Do get in touch with us with any queries you have or to seek any services – Technical help, customizations and complete development of a full-fledged Carpooling website development. We are always at your disposal to help you. Kindly contact us at with any queries. We shall assist you further. 




  • PHP 5.0, MySql 2.0, Appache

  • Configure Appache

  • Mod_rewrite should ON

Install Steps


We have introduced an easy and a user friendly installation process in this Carpooling script. Please go through the requirement section for a hassle free installation of this Carpooling script on your system.

Installation Steps

  1. Fill in a simple form with check box provided for configuration under step 3.

  2. Then, your system gets configured with the requirements mentioned in the requirement section.

  3. Finally, the installation process will start automatically.

Steps for filling the form

Follow the steps for filling the form. If you are not sure about any of the form fields, kindly check the box provided in step 6. On clicking the check box, a sample data gets inserted in all the fields. This sample data will give you an idea on filling the form with correct information.

Step 1:Database Information: Provide your database information here. You should have your own database for this. Fill in the following information related to your database.

  • Local host: Provide your computer’s host name.

  • Database name: Specify the database name.

  • User name: Provide the user name which you use to log in to your database.

  • Password: Provide the password of the database user Id.

Step 2: Admin Information: Admin is a person who manages the website from the back end. You have to provide the information related to site’s admin here.

  • Admin email: Provide the email address of admin here. Any admin notifications will be sent to this email address only.

  • Password: Provide the password which the admin will require to login to the admin panel.

Step 3: Company Information: You are required to provide your Carpooling company information.

  • CompanyName: Fill in the name of your Carpooling Company.

  • Website email: Fill in the email address of your Company.

  • Check the box for automatic configuration for installation and to obtain an SEO friendly URL for your Carpooling website.

Step 4: Oauth Information: You are required to provide this information if you want to allow the members in your site to login either using their Facebook or Google Id. For this, you should have registered with Facebook or Google to obtain the Facebook or Google API for your site. Once, registered, you will receive a Facebook App secret Id or Google App secret id or both. You will also receive secret ids which should be used by you for going through an authentication process.

  • Facebook App Id: Provide your Facebook App Id here.

  • Facebook App secret Id: Provide your Facebook App secret Id here.

  • Google App Id: Provide your Google App Id here.

  • Google App secret Id: Provide your Google App secret Id here.

Final Step:Insert sample data: You may check the box provided for insertion of sample data here. This will provide you an insight on how to fill in the form with correct information.